LivingNethos® is the SaaS platform for mapping, monitoring and managing complex networks.

From discovering the informal dynamics of teamwork to monitoring coalition and multi-stakeholder networking narratives, LivingNethos helps your organization navigate the complexity.

Browse entity connections to network module


  • Create networks of entities such as: individuals, organizations, government, accounts and social media concepts;
  • Browse your connections, such as: joint work, co-authoring, mentions, responses, funding, and cognitive affinity;
  • Identify relationship patterns: groups, coalitions and communities of practice;
  • Measure network influence and viralization capacity;
  • Create complex segmentations and hypothetical scenarios;
  • Dive into specific profiles;
  • Record and share information and actions collaboratively.

Evaluate opportunities and risks with the Matrix module:

  • Represent and interact with perceived risks versus emerging technical risks of the network;
  • Cross the online and offline influence of your stakeholders;
  • Understand;
  • Analyze the evolution of your network.

Monitor what your stakeholders are talking about

  • Follow the evolution of the main topics;
  • Follow influencers' performance and find new ones;
  • Apply filters by date, topic, and media.

Living Teamwork

Guided by consultants on organizational transformation, LivingTeamWork guides you through a complete Organizational Network Analysis.

Content Monitoring

Monitor semantic dynamics and influence performance on different social media.

Twitter Graph

Reveal public networks of Twitter accounts, discover your audience, influence patterns, and monitor your narratives.

Link ripper

Map hyperlink networks between sites.


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