LivingNethos release


“LivingNethos will be launched at #WebSummit Dublin 2015 November 3-5.

WebSummit is the most important startup meeting on the planet.

LivingNethos was designed by # TreeIntelligence co-founder Ignacio Garcia Zoppi and developed by a multidisciplinary team of consultants and experts in Network Science, Data Science and Netnography. LN arose from the need for a complete support toolbox for consulting projects that would enable remote analyst collaboration and remote access of results to the client. Through LN, users can collaborate with their teams and analysts simultaneously.

From the outset, the LN platform has focused on mapping, monitoring and managing human networks (on and offline), oriented to an unskilled user (unlike social network analysis software).

Quantitative and qualitative functionality is continually added to LN with a holistic focus on building collaboration and insight throughout the process of knowledge discovery. ”


With certified analysts and partners in various countries, our offices are located in:

São Paulo Brazil

+ 55 11 2372 1157

721 Fidalga Street

Vila Madalena

Belo Horizonte - Brazil

+ 55 31 2528 7078

Getúlio Vargas Avenue, 668 - Room 1204


Buenos Aires - Argentina

+ 54 11 6438 1196

Av. Juan Bautista Alberdi 1310



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