Argentine anthropologist Ignacio Garcia talks about organizational network analysis at the 15th Aberje Mix

On March 26 and 27, 2015, our founder Ignacio Garcia will be present at the 15th Aberje Mix of Internal and Integrated Communication, speaking about Organizational Network Analysis.

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Argentine anthropologist Ignacio Garcia talks about organizational network analysis at the 15th Aberje Mix

Organizational Network Analysis is a strategic methodology for organizations seeking to make communication transparent and integrated, as it helps uncover the hidden connections underlying communication determined by the formal organization chart. And this is the theme of the international lecture “How to unveil informal communication and turn it into an integrating force”, which Argentine consultant and Tree Intelligence president Ignácio Garcia is developing at the 15th Aberje Mix of Internal and Integrated Communication.

The event will take place from 8:30 am to 6 pm on March 26 and 27, 2015 at Espaço Aberje Sumaré (Rua Amália de Noronha, 151 / Room 602) in São Paulo / SP. Registration is open and limited to space capacity.

Informal communication networks determine the actual flow and pulse of an organization in the Age of Interconnectivity. The talk will seek to lay the groundwork for conducting an organizational network mapping process by learning to identify informal leaders, communities of practice, and organizational silos that fragment the organization into disconnected subcultures. Participants will be able to visualize in practice an online platform designed to map and manage informal communication networks.

Garcia is an organizational anthropologist and netnographer, specializing in the diagnosis and development of human networks in the Age of Interconnectivity. Tree Intelligence is a company dedicated to the discovery of knowledge as a service, and the Institute for Strategic Network Thinking (NST-I), an institution that aims to train strategic network thinking for decision makers. He has extensive experience as a consultant in the areas of HR, R&D, MKT and IR and has worked in organizations such as Vivo, Natura, Braskem, Estácio de Sá and the World Economic Forum. Creator of the Network Pyramid Model and LivingNethos Collaborative Knowledge Discovery Platform, he leads an international network of network science, data science, and netnography experts whose goal is to understand and assist in the development of more cooperative organizations. , energized and innovative.

During her academic experience, she worked in the area of Social Economy, developing human microcredit networks in Mexico, social movements in Argentina and agricultural producers in the USA. Contributed as editor of the portal Aberje, Época Negócios and Harvard Business Review.

The complete program of the 15th Mix consists of national and international lectures and discussions on Aberje 2014 award-winning cases. Topics include internal communication, ethics and compliance, integrated communication and organizational development. The initiative is sponsored by Vale, Itaú and P3K Comunicação, with the support of Valor Econômico newspaper and Seepix. See more at the hotsite Other data can be obtained by calling 11-3662-3990 - extension 881 or by emailing with Érica Garcia.

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