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The challenges of managing the Remote Organization

Remote work. What until a few months ago was one of the main trends in mobility at work, today it has become a forced and globalized reality that puts HR Managers in an unprecedented situation and of extreme responsibility for the subsistence of organizations. A dystopian world with cities without people passing by and empty commercial buildings contrasts with homes, the vast majority, not designed to unite what anthropologists call "working time" (professional) with "leisure time" (personal / family).


With certified analysts and partners in various countries, our offices are located in:

São Paulo - Brazil

+ 55 11 94168-6837

Rua Mourato Coelho, 957

Vila Madalena

Miami - USA

777 Brickell Ave

Miami, FL 33131


Buenos Aires - Argentina

+ 54 11 6438 1196

Av. Juan Bautista Alberdi 1310



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